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June 6, 2020: releases Stoichiometry Plus 3.0. The new release adds Solution Preparation to the calculator collections.See details

April 18, 2020: releases Stoichiometry Plus 2.0. Features of Stoichiometry Plus 2.0 can be found here

July 28, 2019:
Linux virtual boxes built from scratch using instructions from Linux from Scratch 8.4 and Beyond Linux from Scratch 8.4 are available to download

February 24, 2019: starts Big Data Series 2: Globe Events. The project headlines globe events collected by GDELT project. Updates occur in 15 min interval

December 30, 2018: starts Big Data Series 1: Data Live with Spark. The project live streams AWS public datasets/XETRA dataset using Apache Spark along with WebSocket.

May 19, 2018: releases android application for stoichiometric calculations and more Stoichiometry Plus

May 10, 2017: releases android application for molecular weight calculation: Thermo FW Calculator

April 30, 2017: releases pH Calculator

April 8, 2017: completes migration of web host to AWS

April 29, 2014: launches Solution Preparation Calculator

Nov 23, 2013:
Reaction Stoichiometry Calculator is officially launched